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Home Insurance

Welcome to a completely new kind of home Insurance. From arranging cover to making a claim, Home Union Options has been specially designed to make life easy for you.

And to prove this point there are just 3 simple steps to take:

Step 1

Buildings: determine your building replacement value making provision for professional and site clearance fees.

(The maximum insured is € 650,000 and the minimum is € 120,000)

Step 2

You can cover your contents for either 50% or 25% of the value of your premises.

(The maximum insured is € 127,000 and the minimum is € 30,000)

Optional cover: you can cover all your personal property requirements in one simple policy by selecting from our extensive range of optional covers which include all risks (specified andamp; unspecified), caravans/mobile homes, small pleasure craft, home, office and guesthouse.

A Short Summary of Events Covered

  • Fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake
  • Smoke
  • Storm andamp; flood
  • Freezing, Escape or Overflow of water or oil
  • Impact by aircraft or vehicle
  • Riot, civil commotion and malicious damage
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Subsidence
  • Accidental damage to TV, audio/video and computer
  • Falling trees, radio/TV masts or aerials
  • Breakage of glass andamp; sanitary fittings
  • Legal liability in respect of domestic employees up to € 6,348,690
  • Legal liabilities arising from ownership and occupancy of your home up to € 3,174,345
  • Compensation of € 3,174 for fatal injury to the insured and/or spouse resulting from fire/assault or accident at the premises
  • Door locks replacement following break-in or assault
  • Food in deep freezers up to € 635
  • Contents sum automatically increased by 10% for the months of December and January
  • Contents sum insured increased by 10% for one month before and after the wedding day of you or a member of your family

Details of special Discounts of up to 40% for the following. (Please note Discounts apply to Buildings, contents and All Risks)






Age over 50


Age over 60


Neighbourhood Watch, Community alert, Smoke Detector


€317 Voluntary Excess


€634 Voluntary Excess


To qualify for cover The private house must:

  • Be the principal residence
  • Must date from 1900 - except where specifically agreed.
  • Be occupied for residential purposes only andamp;/or where not more than 6 paying guests (at any one time) are kept in the private house
  • Be of standard construction -Constructed of Brick, stone or concrete and roofed substantially (at least 70%) with slates, tiles, metal, concrete or asphalt.
  • Be in good repair and so maintained
  • Not be in an area with a history of flooding or subsidence

The proposer or member of his/her household must not be:

  • Have been declared bankrupt of convicted or charged with arson or any offence involved dishonesty of any kind
  • Have had any insurance declined or made subject to special terms
  • Have had more than one claim in the past three years exceeding €3,810 for loss, damage or liability under home insurance policy.

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